About Dreaming Bear


BearWalks Medicine Path has been my home for 33 years. At age thirty-five, I followed the call of the North Georgia Mountains and moved from Atlanta to a cabin way back at the end of a dirt road. When asked how I found the land, I replied that I felt “led to it”. I discovered, with the opening of birth records in Tennessee in 1995, that I had actually “moved home” to a mountain hollow nestled between two mountains that looked very similar to the farmland my birth family had owned for generations just “up the road a piece” and across the state line in North Carolina.


When a person is unconscious they are asleep to that fact. I was born and adopted in 1941 and lived “the good life,” unexposed and unaware, through my formal education and graduation from DePauw University in 1964. Then I began to wake up to a much broader, fuller knowledge of life, starting with my first job as program director of The Atlanta Girls’ Club, located on Sells Avenue in the West End section of Atlanta. Wow! What an eye opener. I loved my new life. My next experience was in county government as a recreation center director and then a desk job as an administrator. It was time to leave and I had been there the required number of years to retire with benefits.


My education as a social activist really began after I moved to North Georgia. We started a peace group, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), the oldest peace organization in the world. There were anti-nuclear protests and marches on Washington. We created a battered womens’ shelter and marched from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of the original march back when I was “unconscious.”


“I’ve been there and I’ve done that.” Or so I thought. Enter Barack Obama. At the age of sixty-eight I am fired up and ready to make a difference because I believe my efforts will not be in vain. BARACKS GOT MY BACK. I want to create a groundswell of support for Prison Reform and Immigration Reform, both issues that will require some public education to alleviate some fears. I feel I am being called up for the first line of defense.


I’ve gone so far as to attend an Arts and Social Change Institute with Holly Near, a person synonymous with social activism. Holly’s voice accompanied me throughout my earlier “activism,” and once again I am listening to her bold calls for change. And it’s not about “changing the world” for me. It is about my spiritual path. It is about my “feeding” my passions whether it is making a ceremonial rattle, fleshing out a bear hide, processing clay from the earth, learning to speak Spanish or working to Free Leonard Peltier. It is all about heart and love.



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